PVC foam board manufacturers in India knows

The resins give it strength, making it one of the highest impact resistant materials. It is used as a roofing sheet for industries as well as residential complex. It can very well regulate itself in every weather condition it is put in without giving the customer any scope of complaint.

PVC foam board manufacturers in India knows the varied climate that the country has. Polycarbonate PVC roof sheet mainly used in roofing purposes because it has high impact strength and durability. Also helping in its popularity is the largely effective flame resistance. With this property it gets a notch higher than the inferior quality products. The PVC was then engineered to be stronger and lighter than the conventional ones that were used in the industry then. It can be used as a roof shed; it is transparent and clear provides a clear view of the night sky. Its durability of the outdoor weathering makes it very popular in the market. It can be very easily used in all regions.


It is used in the electronics industry for making capacitors and dielectric Cast acrylic sheets are used as canopy, skylights and walkways in industries, offices and resorts. The polycarbonate sheet has an oxygen index of 25 which is very high and Aluminum Coupling has been regarded and given high ratings by various regulatory bodies around the world. Acrylic plastic sheets are also used for the production of mobile phones and mp3 players.

It can withstand a high impact, 250 times more than the conventional glass, and has replaced glass in almost all the applications. The UV resistant polycarbonate resins prevent it from getting yellowish with time. One of the best features is that it can maintain the clarity and transparency for a long, long time without getting affected by the UV rays present in the sun.


Polycarbonate PVC roof sheet, as the name suggest provides roofing solution. It is weatherproof and has protection against hot weather as well as colder regions too.

Britain and Germany is the origin of polycarbonate sheets after some decades it came to India and gain popularity in the market. It was used to make assortment items for the soldiers for a long time and due to its water resistant properties it was used for marine applications.

History of the PVC foam board

PVC was founded in 1912 in Britain and Germany and with the progress of time it came to India and was popular in the market. With the change of times it evolved in structure and in the present day it is combined with polyurea at the molecular level to get high performance PVC sheets that is used in the industry.. But due to its density it did not gained popularity. With the shine on it that remains till it lasts makes it even more in demand. Water bottles, head lamps etc are also manufactured using the acrylic sheets It is also used in the aircraft industry

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